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What started as a tidy-up exercise became............

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In 1996 I recieved a phone call from a friend asking if I was interested in two P76's that he had and would deliver from Bendigo to Melbourne for an all inclusive $250

Upon their arrival one was discovered to be far too good to wreck so I decided to get rid of a lot of my spares by building a car.

In the Spares I had a new set of blue door trims, this and the desire to paint it yellow were the basis upon which I started. I also decided to eliminate all exterior bright work to be replaced by either paint or powdercoat.

The bits I had lying around included Hotwire wheels, electric sunroof, Ford sports mirrors and wing, Pioneer Stereo, V8 and 4 speed, Airconditioning and power steering, cruise control, Bilsteen and Kmac suspension including front and rear sway bars and some EA Ghia seats and wheels which I sold to pay for the retrimed seats and window tinting.
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I started out by having a friend, Tony Fleming, who is a gifted panel beater, prepare the car for painting which took him a couple of weeks. I then painted the car yellow all over which I mixed up from some paint that I had under the house.

After fitting the mechanicals and hoodlining I decided it needed more!

A trip to Racepaint in Braeside soon fixed this!

I basically gave John Evans and his team a free hand only stating that I wanted the Yellow to be

the dominant colour. What you see before you is the result! I was  very Impressed.

Meantime I set about composing the interior which was to be quite a departure from the predominately black trim P76's are endowed with!

The first thing to receive attention was the dashboard and instruments.

I set about making my own faces for them!

to be continued.................


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