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bulletIn August 1974, the respected motoring magazine Wheels, ran a story about the latest Coupe to be released in Australia. 
bullet This car was to be a direct competitor to the Charger and the other Coupes available at the time. 
bullet Leyland Australia had basically got their P76 Sedan, redesigned it completely and prepared to release this car for sale amid considerable publicity.
bulletUnfortunately the whole thing fizzled rather spectacularly when Leyland effectively ran out of money among other problems and the Force 7V was no more.
bulletThe details for this page are from Wheels Magazine August 1974

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This is the rear 3/4 view of a Force 7V, Leyland Badge is covered with insulation tape.

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Front 3/4 View. 

The Leyland badge sat in the centre of the  grille


Leyland's great plan for the coupe where for three models each with increasing levels of luxury.

bulletForce 7 - This is the base model which would have equated to a more optioned up P76 Sedan. Basically a six cylinder engine and three on the tree. 
bullet Leyland however provided a large number of options for this basic model.
bulletForce 7V - The sporty version, with the 4.4L V8 and the four on the floor. Mags and other "sport" items would have been included. Possibly the equal of a Charger E48?
bulletTour de Force - A witty name that no one would dare use today. This model would be the luxury cruiser with the V8, Auto and an interior of "ultra" luxury. This would compete directly with the Charger 770.

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The side view. The Force 7 shared very little with the P76 Sedan. 

This made greatly increased costs, something that Chrysler avoided by sharing sheet metal and components between the Chargers and the Sedans.


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The Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) Alloys first seen on the Targa Florio were also featured on The Force 7 V

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This would have been one of the first hatchbacks ever released in Oz.

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"New " Force 7 steering wheel with centre Leyland badge hidden with tape. Different to the P76 steering wheel in that it was round with strong centre boss and two drilled aluminium spokes

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Familiar front seat layout.

  The Car today in WA still owned by the family that bought it at the auction, Mrs Petty, the widow of Eric Petty

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