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Not the worst
Toyota's P76
Holden V8




From here I will attempt to either scan and display or reproduce articles from publications as I find them with appropriate acknowledgement of course.
bulletThe Age and Sydney Morning Herald
bulletAn award that rewards mediocrity.
bulletI gave the Writer a call and then an ear bashing over this one and he didn't like that very much!
bulletToyota builds a brand new ... P76
bulletHolden's V8 lives on in Commodore utes
bulletThe best of all worlds: Building an Aussie hybrid
bulletALASTAIR DOAK reckons if the best bits from each of our four manufacturers were made into one car, the result would be
greater than the sum of the parts.
bulletAppreciation society
bulletFor the classic car collector, the right purchase will earn more than money in the bankand be much more fun. But, BOB JENNINGS writes, there are abundant pitfalls for the unwary.


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