Targa in Progress
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Targa in Progress Progress Part 2

Now well under way here are some photos of the build in progress.

Click on a thumb to see a larger image.

P1020015.JPG (40391 bytes)

The culprit that started it all! when the clutch bracket broke we pulled the car apart! With a brand new one which is fully seem welded and reinforced, this will never happen again.

Seem welded engine bay can also be seen

P1020013.JPG (62307 bytes)

New nose and radiator support panels in place.

It is amazing what new parts I have been able to get for this 28 year old car.

P1020014.JPG (50238 bytes) P1020016.JPG (45441 bytes)
Attempting to repair the sills netted more holes so they were removed! This proved fortuitous as there would have been more rust in the future. We will now fold up brand new ones and fully treat and paint inside these sections.
P1020017.JPG (50349 bytes) P1020018.JPG (48033 bytes)
P1020010.JPG (44117 bytes)

Rear suspension modifications in progress to remove original upper arms and replace them with EA falcon ones and allow for the fitment of a watts link with sway bar

P1020012.JPG (34868 bytes)

Preparation for right arm position

The brand new rear quarter panel can also be seen in place...right place at the right time, when I found that, just when I needed it.

The work being done is very thorough and of great quality, I am very pleased.

The car will go off to be paint stripped over the next two weeks and then return to have the remaining dents in the floor smoothed and then painted.

The suspension components are being painted, plated, renewed and powder coated. The Steering rack just needed painting, front callipers will be replaced by alloy HZ Holden ones, rear brakes are EA falcon disks, slotted DBA rotors are to be used, front struts will be fully reconditioned, rear shockers will be new.

P1020011.JPG (36912 bytes)

New shocker positions have yet to be worked out.


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