Progress Part 2
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Targa in Progress Progress Part 2

P1280006.JPG (67222 bytes) Rear Suspension is now in place

LH Watts link mount.

P1280007.JPG (56322 bytes) New upper Shocker mount
New Lower Shocker mount

Watts link can also be seen

P1280004.JPG (67698 bytes) RH Watts link mount.

Rear Sway bar mounts also shown

P1280005.JPG (59120 bytes)
P1280001.JPG (59361 bytes) The Commodore seats were too high so a new floor had to be made P1280003.JPG (65497 bytes) The RH floor is complete and the LH in progress
RH from underneath, we now need to rebuild handbrake operation P1280011.JPG (63721 bytes) The new floor will also look great when painted gloss black. P1280010.JPG (72103 bytes)

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