Monty Hall
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grape.jpg (36376 bytes) The Peel Me A Grape Super belonged to then NSW OC club member Monty Hall. It was a Super V8 4 speed with Antique Parchment interior. Can't remember it having recliners or an LSD.

He bought it new around November 1974 if memory serves me correct (and he had a mint condition HK, HT or HG Holden Kingswood sedan too). His P' was resprayed and the motor was replaced with a recon job around 1987/88. 

He traded it in on... (???? a Toyota maybe??????)

No idea where it went after that though I was told once that it was sold again through an el cheapo car yard. It disappeared so quickly that I'm hoping it's just sitting in some garage being looked after.

Thanks to a NSW Enthusiast

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