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I have gone through the archives and have located some worthwhile images for you and your club members to look at. Two are from the 70's showing my family's green Targa Florio and the later images are of the mid 80's showing off my Executive V8. Between my father, brother and I we owned four examples ranging from the Super Six, Executive V8, and the Targa Florio.

A Very Rare Car indeed

Aspen Green "Targa Florio"

There were only 100 made

As the photographs attest, mine was the best of the lot and one of the finest examples still around despite being 13 years old. I was really lucky buying my car from an elderly gentleman who on the day I bought the car, knelt over in tears at the sight of my driving off with his beloved Leyland - so my brother says. Having a tradition of personalising and naming most cars that I've owned, I chose the apt little title of "Lightning". Owing to my not having a garage to properly conserve the vehicle, my ownership was a paltry four months. When the new buyer purchased "Lightning" he looked in awe at its condition and snapped it up at once.
I cannot locate the details of the buyer and so for me it really remains a mystery. My guess is that as the owner was then in his 50's he would have done the right thing and kept his word about preserving the vehicle in it's original and flawless condition. Since we have to consider the new owner's right to privacy, you might know of someone in one of the Leyland clubs who can track the latest owner by letting them know of my interest in the car.
If you do manage to get in touch with the current owner, please let them know that I'm well intentioned and that since visiting your Website, I've developed an honest curiosity about my ex P76 model, should it still exist.
Well I'll leave it there. I hope that there will be a favourable response among Leyland enthusiasts and trust that someone might know just what became of my legendary "Lightning".
Best regards,

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