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These photos were taken at the start of '88 observation run early one morning near Thompson's Corner in Sydney.

JG-orexec.jpg (34318 bytes)

Joe Green's "Home-on-the-orange" Executive

crmd.jpg (32037 bytes)

"Country Cream" deluxe

aspen.jpg (35791 bytes)

"Aspen Green" Executive

PC-GLR-BAB.jpg (32681 bytes)

Graeme Redhead and Phil Crowther Racer

daaspen.jpg (35861 bytes)

David Abbot's "Aspen Green" executive, one of the

daaspen2.jpg (33323 bytes)

nicest restorations I have seen, pretty car

grape.jpg (36376 bytes)

"Peel me a Grape" super with lots of options

grape2.jpg (34731 bytes)

4spd, lay back seats, LSD More Here

rn.jpg (41464 bytes)

Russel Nicholson's "Corinthian Blue" super

Nutmeg.jpg (35021 bytes)

"Oh Fudge" Super


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